Upper West Side

Aug 09

Yvonne Lynch, inimitable

Yvonne Lynch, photographed on the Upper West Side, © Tony Gale

Yvonne Lynch, photographed on the Upper West Side, © Tony Gale

Yvonne Lynch

Yvonne Lynch is inimitable. And though we each possess several innate qualities forming our uniqueness, Yvonne’s compelling nature is experienced within a group setting. Those curious enough to witness her ability to warm a room, to provoke a smile, to enliven a friend, and on a larger scale, to lift everyone’s temperaments– like keeping time to an orchestral melody– will find their own mood’s harmonize with her own. She is productive, light-hearted, and funny. She’s talented, yes. Worldly and versatile, of course. She is many things to many people. Yet, I call her my friend. Maybe you’ll meet her; then you can do likewise.

Nominated and described by Tai Odunsi

Jun 09

Joshua Dean, Aerialist

Joshua Dean, At the Trapeze School NY © Tony Gale

Joshua Dean, At the Trapeze School NY © Tony Gale

Joshua Dean, Aerialist

Joshua Dean is an aerialist… which would make any person interesting!!! You can not only take a class from him at the Trapeze School New York, but you can watch him perform with his company Suspended Cirque . He is Amazing and Beautiful to watch!! And if you take his class, his positive energy motivates and inspires (he will even take a kick or two in the face from beginning students, without getting mad). Oh and his socks never match, which makes you wonder if it is always a coincidence or on purpose.. interesting none the less.

Nominated and described by Ellen Stevenson

Feb 09

Rebecca Shahmoon Shanok, Psychologist, School Founder, and much more…

Rebecca Shanok, photographed in her home. © Tony Gale

Rebecca Shahmoon Shanok, photographed in her home. © Tony Gale

Rebecca Shahmoon Shanok

She is the mother of two happy and successful children (one of whom is my best friend from college).
She completed her PhD while raising her kids.She is a successful psychotherapist and works with both children and adults.
She travels all over the world giving talks and learning from others.
She is a captivating speaker.She’s the Founding Director of the Institute for Infants, Children & Families at JBFCS, a NYC not-for-profit organization.  The mission of the Institute is to reach underserved, troubled kids ages 6 and younger before they begin to fail in learning and life.
She founded the New York Zero-to-Three Network.
She is the Founding President of the Abraham J. Heschel School on the Upper West Side so that her kids and others could learn that social responsibility is the center of a Jewish life.
She has accomplished so much, and yet she is as effervescent as a young school girl.
She has a wonderful, rich laugh, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, she will let out a snort mid-laugh.
She finds the humor in nearly everything.
She can occasionally be found in Korean restaurants with a bra on her head.
She is free-spirited and loves to dance and sing.
She loves adventures and doing things that are new and challenging to her, including camping and kayaking in Alaska.
She is an iPhone genius!
She is in awe at the world and grateful to be alive, and when you’re with her, you can’t help but feel happy to be alive.
She inspires me and is the kind of woman I want to be when I grow up.

Nominated and described by Tali Shmulovich