Oct 09

Liza Lentini, renaissance woman

Liza Lentini, Photo by Tony Gale

Liza Lentini, Photo by Tony Gale

Liza Lentini

Liza Lentini is a true renaissance woman.  Most people know her as an award-winning playwright, having her first professional production in her native Boston when she was just 19 years old.  Insistent to follow all of her passions, she’s combined her lifelong apprenticeships in the arts into several prosperous businesses: writing, jewelry making, makeup artistry, photography.

But the cause that is closest to her heart is her charity, started in 2006 by cashing in her pension and diving right in, Elephant Ensemble Theater.  A few times a month, Liza and her group of actors travel around New York City children’s hospitals with uplifting performances of plays Liza’s penned herself.  Many people talk about dong it, but Liza actually did it.  Not just a little bit, not half way, but with the lioness determination she’s earned a reputation for.  And one thing that’s as legendary as her theatrical career is her dogged determination to do good work, not just as an artist but also as a human.  Now, that’s an artist with a cause!!!!

Nominated and described by  Ericka Gutierrez