Cooper Union

Jun 09

Christopher Stribley, creative

Christopher Stribley in NYC. © Tony Gale

Christopher Stribley in NYC. © Tony Gale

Christopher Stribley

Very tall.  Pale.  Lean.  Creative and constantly working.  Chris has many layers.  He’s like an onion – layers and layers and stories that will bring tears to your eyes.

Nominated and described by Deidre Schoo

Feb 09

Prof. John Bové

Prof. John Bové

Prof. John Bové in his office of 48 years. © Tony Gale

Prof. John Bové came to The Cooper Union just 2 years after the Chrysler building (which Cooper now owns) was constructed in 1951.  He’s been present for a lot of changes to Cooper, its East Village home, and to NYC in general. Now, with Cooper constructing a new building and demolishing another of its older buildings in the fall of 2009, there’s talk in the hallways of Cooper of the department of chemistry’s chairman’s retirement to spend more time in NJ with his wife and family (and avoid the chaotic move to a new building which has LESS teaching and lab space than the current one!). The end of an era indeed.

Nominated and described by Kevin Kolack