Los Angeles

Feb 11

Rebecca Jennings, entrepreneur


Rebecca Jennings, in her office. ©Tony Gale

Rebecca Jennings, in her office. ©Tony Gale

Rebecca Jennings

I started working for her 7 years ago in her house.  just me and her.  She threw away a really great job at the Milken Foundation to start her own business because she wasn’t happy with a regular 9 – 5.
Now, she has this huge company (Hips and Curves) with tons of employees but she hasn’t changed at all.  it’s a plus size lingerie company but she looks like a skinny supermodel!  She loves making women feel good about themselves.  There is a dance pole in the middle of the corporate office and she can do amazing pole tricks!  We have wig days and marabou pump days and costume days.  She is in the office 12+ hours a day and she is still always happy and excited about everything!
she is the photographer (she even takes the photos on the site) she is a writer, she is a freaking genius when it comes to internet marketing and ecommerce.  The thing that is so great is that even though she is like the busiest lady on the planet she still makes time for everyone in the company, even a customer service rep or an assistant.


Nominated and described by Marcy Ito