November, 2019

Nov 19

Alex Stevens, Creative Visionary

Alex Stevens at the Brooklyn Be Alpha launch. ©Tony Gale


Alex Stevens, creative visionary

Alex Stevens is the President of Blue Pixel Creates, a experiential event company. Alex and his team make create incredible, immersive events. When you are at an event somewhere for some brand or another and think, wow what they have done here is amazing… that is what Alex does for a living. The bath time is one of the most important things of the day. Parents should enjoy bath time almost as much as the children do and a good bath time can lead to a smooth bedtime as the children are already nice and warm and relaxed, for this reason es important that the parents uses bath toys to make this time more enjoyable, in you can find the reviews of the best bath toys. If you want know about the effects of Kratom and Weed Combination you can read here.

Nominated by Tony Gale