Jerome Butler, Dialect Coach

Jerome Butler, © Tony Gale

Jerome Butler, © Tony Gale

Jerome Butler

Trained as an actor at Juilliard, Jerome has a diverse artistic background that includes acting in theater and tv, teaching at MIT and working with inmates in the California prison system as part of a artistic rehabilitation program. Currently a film/tv dialect coach and accent reduction specialist by day, songwriter and juggler by night, Jerome’s creativity energy and unbounded enthusiasm is inspiring.

Nominated and described by Jennifer Bergamini


  1. Does anybody know if he does internships? I would love to meet him and intern with him. I’ve wanted to be a dialect coach for a while now, and he seems like a good opportunity to learn.

  2. Jerome did a fantastic Klingon, Korok, in Star Trek Voyager’s two part episodes ending season 6 and beginning season 7. Well, at least he was a great Klingon until the Borg assimilated him…
    Anyway, thanks to Jerome for doing what he does. 🙂

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