Shien Lee, Patron of the Arts

Shein Lee. © Tony Gale

Shein Lee. © Tony Gale

Shien Lee

Do not let the façade of pastiche vintage fool you, Shien Lee is not someone living in the past. In fact, she definitely a product of the Twenty-first Century, and her retro sensibilities are a sign of things yet to come. Her style is so unique, a stew of the best of every fashion and period, that the events she calls Dances of Vice have become their own genre. A patron of the arts, she brings together all her favorite people: dancers, singers, painters, illustrators, photographers, musicians, magicians and whomever else she feels will cross pollinate and influence each other to create something old and new, beautiful and monstrous. Using the latest resources to promote her vision, she gleans gems from all eras like a time traveling proprietor of a dime store museum. Impossible to fit into any one category, fans of her work simply call it Dances of Vice. Look to the style of the future and you’ll find Shien Lee.

Nominated and described by Don Spiro

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