Meryl Finger, Glamazon

Meryl Finger © Tony Gale

Meryl Finger © Tony Gale

Meryl Finger,  Glamazon

I’ve known Meryl Finger, the creator and mastermind behind the plus size burlesque-pop girl group the Glamazons, for about a decade.  She’s a Jewish native New Yorker, she loves leopard print and hot pink,
she married her husband on a reality show, they both work in the Gay community which can make
dating hard…so it’s amazing that they found each other!  Meryl is one of those unassuming people who knows everyone,
who’s family members are famous (her cousin is the lead guitarist of the Bravery, her other cousin is the keyboard player
for Fountains of Wayne, and her other cousin is a comedian, and her other cousin is a gay pop star)

Nominated and described by Natalie Ferraro

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