Robert Ripps, Mr. New York

Robert Ripps, photographed in TriBeCa. ©Tony Gale

Robert Ripps, photographed in TriBeCa. ©Tony Gale

Robert Ripps

He has an insatiable curiosity about the world around him.

He has a witty, quirky and fun sense of humor.

He’s able to make the family next door or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Lady Margaret Thatcher or Mikhail Gorbachev or the 1,000 other celebrities feel equally comfortable in front of his lens.

He loves a good meal whether he is in Kyoto, Paris or whipping one up in his own kitchen.

His love of travel, desire to share his experiences and views of the world around him has brought him around the world as a professional photographer.

But no matter where he has gone, one thing is for certain.

Robert A. Ripps always comes home to his native New York.

This love of Gotham has lead Robert, or Bob as he is known to his friends, to take an avid interest in the history of the City of New York. While walking, or preferably biking around the streets of the Big Apple, Bob can tell you pretty much the history of any neighborhood in the 5 boroughs.  He is often at every major museum in the city and regularly attends exhibits, especially if they relate to the subway, architecture or NYC history. His passion for the history of the subway and his knowledge of its vast network is unmatched by anyone I’ve ever met.  In fact, Bob knows the city and the history of its architecture so well, he is able to point out historical inaccuracies in TV shows or films that take place or are filmed here (much to the annoyance of his friends).

It is this love of New York that has also lead him to document life in the city, whether it is the streets of his beloved Tribeca or the underground culture of New York’s craziest night club Webster Hall.

Robert A. Ripps, he’s definitely Mr. New York.

Nominated and described by Michelle Kawka

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