Heather Morgan, landscape architect and archeologist


Heather Morgan, in Jamaica Bay. Photo by Tony Gale.

Heather Morgan, in Jamaica Bay. Photo by Tony Gale.


Heather Morgan

Heather Morgan is a landscape architect and the first landscape archeologist I ever met. She is one of those people who is interesting
because she is so interested. She works for the US Army Corps of Engineers and knows amazing things about the city and its waters.  Heather is also the only person I know who works on several wetland restoration and collaborative land planning projects of the (protected) Jamaica Bay and throughout the New York City region; and sometimes rescues endangered turtles.

Beside being an interesting person she’s also funny as hell.

Nominated and described by Elizabeth Felicella


  1. Gorgeous!

  2. Yes. Heather *is* interesting. Good choice. Once she got stuck trying to climb over a fence at night in a stranger’s backyard. That was interesting. Another time she helped me defend our campsite from a pack of wild hogs. That was interesting, too. Also, it was funny.

  3. Incredible individual and great friend.

  4. Heather is smart, talented and one of my favorite people.

  5. priceless.

  6. She is one terrific daughter, sister and aunt! We are very proud of her! Yes, priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ya Cuz! Cousin Heather is the greatest. Always there if you need to have some fun and laugh for hours non stop.

  8. THIS is a sighting… a rare glimpse of Jamaica Bay’s most exotic species.

  9. Heather is indeed very interesting. In fact, she is hands down one of the most interesting people we know. And fun.

    Miss you Heather!

  10. All so true to you! Heather is very capable of all things, bringing on a ton of laughs is most welcome.

  11. I would tear that UP son!

  12. Join her for an expedition and you may end up drinking champagne in some 14th century spanish nunnery. Interesting indeed.

  13. Heather is one of the funniest and creative people I have ever met and worked with. Only Heather can be that fashionable in rubber boots….and thinking about the turtles. Love it.

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