Troy Campbell, drummer, builder, creator

Troy Campbell, photographed in Times Square ©Tony Gale

Troy Campbell, photographed in Times Square ©Tony Gale

Troy Campbell

I met Troy in 2001 when we were both working at a small theatre in Maine.  Not only does he craft properties for theatrical productions, but he is also a talented visual artist, a successful drummer/percussionist (he most recently played for Julia Haltigan and Hooligans, but in college he turned down playing with his fraternity brothers–who went on to be Hootie and The Blowfish,) is a former member of the Big Apple Circus and at the age of 40-something he  graduated from Army boot camp last year.

He is a gentle soul who meanders across the country drumming, building and creating, but that is part of Troy’s allure. You never know where he will turn up next, or who he will be hanging out with or what cool things he is up to.  I haven’t actually seen him in 6 years, but we still manage to keep in touch and I look forward to when our paths cross again.  I know that when they do, we will share some beers, he will tell me some excellent stories and we will talk about art, music and the curious state of being.

Nominated and described by Lori Lynn Bollinger




  1. I worked with Troy at the Big Apple. He is a man of the highest caliber. I consider myself a lucky man to know him.

  2. Jim Christian

    Troy’s a friend, and my wife and I have his art in our house. He’s, as the article said, gentle and kind–but a badass to boot. We miss you here in Augusta, Troy!

  3. Troy was a roommate and fellow drummer at the U. of South Carolina. One of the kindest and sincerest souls I have ever met…truly one of a kind! Glad we reconnected on FB and look forward to seeing my friend in person…sooner rather than later I hope. Take care Troy!

  4. If being an excellent human being was a competitive sport, Troy would be Champion of the World. Seriously. I keep a beer perpetually cold for him, just in case.

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