Veronica Grazer

Veronica Grazer, photographed in her home in Los Angeles ┬ęTony Gale


Veronica Grazer

Veronica and I met eight years ago while I was working at an advertising agency and she was my client leading marketing for the Caesars Entertainment portfolio.

During my decade working agency-side, I partnered with my fair share of marketers. Veronica always struck me as someone who in addition to intellect and an impressive resume, had a keen sense of instinct and gumption. Agency ideas became bigger and more exciting with her client stewardship, defying any known paradigm for how the agency business typically worked. She had a vision and perhaps even more importantly, the moxie to take calculated creative risks that would pay dividends for the business.

In addition to business savvy, Veronica epitomized the idea of an empathetic leader years before the term was coined. She is the ultimate champion of other women, a solutions-oriented collaborated, and a naturally curious person that seeks to make the world a better place through her work with non-profits.

Nominated and described by Melissa Lentz

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