Audrey Crabtree, Bouffon and Clown.

Audrey Crabtree, bouffon and clown. At her subway station in Brooklyn. © Tony Gale

Audrey Crabtree:  Bouffon and clown.  Performer in the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit and a co-founder/director of the NY Clown Theater Festival. You can learn more about her at her bio is in About, with a link to another character, Deenie Nast.  Read up on bouffon,  which pokes at the vulnerability of the audience and takes unbelievable skill and courage, and then meet Audrey, an attractive, intelligent woman who makes herself completely unattractive on purpose.

Nominated and described by Mikki Baloy.


  1. I heart Audrey!!!! I love this photo too!!

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